Gray Silva

Not sure just how interested you are in the life and times of me, but here goes.

Been tattooing now on and off for around 17 years, working from my kitchen to start with, as many of us did back then (I’m not advocating that now, yes I’m a hypocrite!), then graduating to a variety of studios, working with some interesting characters some of who were then, and still are, miserable buggers (Hi Guys).

I spent a good few years working as a brain surgeon then as a male model, for Calvin Klein and J.P. Gaultier but decided to leave all that behind to become an astronaut. I was actually on the first manned flight to mars (you can just see me on the mars probe photos {I’m the one in the middle}), but again was unsatisfied with this choice of career ( i get a bit space sick) so gave it up in exchange for real ale, chip butties and tattooing. Thanks guys you made me who I am today (the beer and chips that is).

I spent the first 8 years working alone, honing my skills, losing my hair and testing how far a 38 waist will stretch (not far if you’re wondering!). I’ve gone from listening to punk and psychobilly all day to Tom waits and Pokey LaFarge! My eyes no longer work without assistance, you have to repeat almost everything you say to me, and the hair growing out of my ears and nose causes a state of constant tickling.

I have no formal art training but did study for a degree in design at Leeds, (spent most of the time out of my face) and seem to have picked up all the arty stuff along the way. I love working on custom pieces in my own wonky style, but I really do find something very satisfying in putting on a quality piece of flash art. Any spare time in my day (although there aint much of that) is spent either drawing, eating, reading, scratching my Itchy ear ‘n’ nasal cavities and doing a little moaning, well, mainly moaning. Quite a lot of moaning in fact.

If I come across as a grumpy old man,  its because I’ve noticed it must be the next step in my evolution as a tattoo artist! Looking around tattoo conventions the grumpy old buggers and stroppy/moody looking cool kids seem to be popular these days!

So here’s to old age and experience, (I’m 42 going on 102 by the way) and the enjoyment of them both!

Gray Silva