Choosing a Tattoo

So you’ve decided to get a tattoo! If it’s your first time you might not be sure where to start! Here are a few guidelines to help you.

Do you copy other people’s tattoos?

You may have quite a specific idea of what you would like. If you’ve seen someone else’s tattoo that you like then be aware that your tattooist may not be willing to do a direct copy. After all, that is someone else’s design that they have put time/thought/money into getting tattooed. Consider how you can take that type of design and customise it into something unique for yourself.

If you want to pick a pre-designed tattoo then most tattoo studios will have design books for you to choose from or you can find a wide selection of designs on various websites.

Do you do custom tattoos?

Yes we do. If you’re planning to get a custom tattoo, gather some reference material together that gives the artist a clear idea of what you’re after. Things to consider are – where you are having the tattoo on your body, what size you would like it to be, what style you want the tattoo to be in and of course what the subject of your tattoo is! It is helpful if you take a look at the artists’ galleries before contacting your chosen studio as it will give you an idea of which artist may be best to do your tattoo for you.

Does it hurt?

When it comes to choosing which body part to get tattooed on, it is worth knowing that some places are more painful than others. In our opinion the most painful places are ribs and tops of feet.

Can you give me advice on my tattoo?

Yes we will advise you on what is possible and what isn’t. You may have very firm ideas of what you want your tattoo to look like but please be aware that not everything is tattoo-able! If your studio advises you not to have lettering 5mm tall it is for a reason!

Can I bring pictures on my phone?

When visiting a studio to discuss your tattoo take print outs of any reference material that relates to your potential design. It’s much easier than trying to discuss pictures you’ve got saved on your phone!

Can I book in with a particular artist?

If you are keen to be tattooed by a particular artist because you love their style then it is worth knowing that the best results often come from allowing the artist a certain amount of creative freedom with your design and allowing them to do what they do best!

How do I get booked in?

Once you have agreed on a design with your artist then you can get booked in! You will normally be required to pay a deposit to secure a booking, this is normally 50% of the cost of the session. The deposit is deducted from the cost of your first session. At Rampant Ink the deposit is forfeited in the event of you cancelling your appointment with less than 48 hours notice or if you drastically change your brief after the artist has already begun work on your design.