I started tattooing at the age of 13 with a needle and cotton and a bottle of India ink but I first apprenticed as a proper tattooist in ’89-’90.

I eventually left tattooing however for a career in commercial art and trained as an Airbrush Illustrator, later re-training as a Photoshop artist and web designer when digital illustration had rendered airbrush illustration obsolete.

Intertwined with all this was a moderately successful stab at a career in music and a 6 year stint working the doors in Nottingham but those stories aren’t for a public audience 😀

I have now returned to my first love, tattooing. A return only made possible by months of expert guidance from the very talented Gray Silva at Rampant Ink Tattoo Studio in Nottingham where I now work. I can’t thank him enough for his generosity of spirit and the trust and faith he has shown me. A true gent of the old fashioned variety!